Brakes – Stopping Power

So you’ve got the power under the bonnet and the modified car looking tasty but have you got the stopping power?

Its a fact that bigger brakes make your car stop quicker but they also make your car faster!

Its true, the better your brakes the faster you can head towards corners and the later you can put them on, leaving the challenger far behind. But remember street racing apart from being illegal could end up with your car parked in a bush so youre better off taking it on a track day to see what your car can really do safely.

There are lots of companies that offer brake upgrades and there are loads of different styles, like drilled, grooved etc, below we explain what they are and what they do.

Drilled Discs:
Drilled discs assist cooling and allow gas to escape which is created when the pad comes into contact with the spinning disc causing very high temperatures.

Grooved Discs:
Grooved discs prevent glazing from happening although they do wear the brake pads down quicker than standard discs. Glazing happens when you continually slam the anchors on loads especially when they are new, and end up getting the pads too hot and glaze them.

Vented Discs:
Vented discs are essentialy made up of two thin discs put together with fins in the middle, this means that the heat built up during braking is dissipated away from the surface of the disc helping to prevent brake fade which is caused by hot brakes.

Brake pads are the most important piece of equipment in the braking department, so it is vital that you choose the right ones, and make sure that you bed them in properly. If you ignore this even the best pads and discs you can buy would end up feeling crap if you dont wear them in correctly before proper use. Follow the bedding in guidelines of the brake manufacturer and you wont regret it.

Braided hoses prevent brake lines from deforming and swelling under hard braking, which will give you a firmer pedal feel and increased braking pressure.

If you are thinking of uprating your brakes then ring up an independant supplier and ask for their advice, because they deal with questions like this all the time and will be able to point you in the right direction.

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