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The spring is here, and I have used it to cure myself of a strangely fashionable but ultimately destructive habit, after months of rain snow and dark nights I finally dragged myself to cleaning my fiesta.

In an age when it’s become fashionable to bear the burden of a few OCD’s, I have succumbed to the fashion and added one to my own list of minor weaknesses I’m not an avid hand washer, towel straighter or cutlery aligner. Unlike Katie I don’t lose sleep over how the clock in the bedroom is 3 minutes slow and if she doesn’t change it how we will be late for work.

No my OCD concerns washing cars. I have on several occasions owned up to enjoying sloshing a sponge about on the drive cleaning my favoured Motor.

 I’ve spoken about the value of spending a bit of quality time with your car when you can spot little problems at the earliest stage and establish a bond between you and that heap of metal you have blown a considerable amount of your income on. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing.

That’s how it starts though a cap full of turtle wax shampoo suddenly turns into rubbing expensive wax into the silk curves of your motor by hand the next! And the commercial work does nothing to help us . Strolling round Halfords’ the head of an obsessive is turned by racks and racks of bottles boasting miraculous properties with which to enhance our cars.

I’ve purchased body polish, dash polish, seat polish and tyre polish ive brought special rags with silicone in them, anti static cloths, wheel brushes and chamois leathers made from the ass of a goat who were happy to die for the cause!

I had hit rock bottom as my habit worsened to the point at which, had i pursued a different addiction I might have been found slumped in the stairwell opposite a crack den. I got into the hard stuff through contacts; I brought a quantity of Autoglym High Definition Wax. Even the priory couldn’t help now and there are no self help books on this type of addiction.

This year I vowed I would go cold turkey but i can’t resist and I got the fiesta out for its spring clean last weekend.

The feeling of dipping my sponge in the bucket for the first time after the winter was awesome like the consummation of our relationship autumn signals winter is here when it’s back to months of flirting before spring 2010J

Total cost of cleaning 2008: Approximately £600 (ouch)

My top 10 cleaning tips:

1.     Thoroughly rinse your car before washing as any grit particles can scratch paintwork as you start to wash

2.     Wash wheels first, use Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner with a stiff brush to shift brake dust

3.     Soak baked-on dirt (e.g. insects, droppings, tree sap) before trying to remove.  If necessary use Autoglym Active Insect Remover

4.     Use a good quality Shampoo/Conditioner, make sure it does not dry on to paintwork – if necessary wash half the car at a time, rinsing as you go

5.     Dry the exterior well to avoid water marks.  Use Autoglym’s Water Blade and Aqua Dry cloth for best results

6.     Use Autoglym Stain and Scuff Removal Kit throughout interior

7.     Clean the seats, carpets, dash and doors thoroughly with Interior Shampoo

8.     Polish the car with Autoglym Super Resin Polish (or Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine for dark paintwork).  If time is tight, spray on Aqua Wax when the car is still wet (no need to dry car) and then buff the car dry

9.     Clean glasswork inside an out with Autoglym Glass Polish or Autoglym Fast Glass.

10.  For the ultimate long-lasting protection, with a deep and lustrous shine, apply Autoglym High-Definition Wax

Thanks for the additions from modified car club members

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  1. Agree with most of the above points apart from point 5!!
    I wouldn’t dry off my vehicle with a Blade as they can easily scratch the car.
    Get a little bit of grit under the blade and you risk pulling it across the paintwork and causing scratches!

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