Insurance Is The Best Policy

Insurance Is The Best Policy

Any of you who are currently drivers will be aware that it is law in the UK that every vehicle on the road has at the very least third party insurance. This covers liability to third parties, which includes cars, people, property damage and bodily injury but that is all. Most people in the UK make sure they have what is known as third party, fire and theft. This covers everything covered by third party insurance, but also covers you if your vehicle is destroyed by a fire. It doesn’t matter if the fire is caused by a fault in the car or if it is a malicious act, it will still be covered. It also covers you if the car is stolen. It doesn’t always cover vandalism. When you are looking into the insurance, it is best to discuss with the provider what they think you need. Some people for example may think they need comprehensive insurance, it is normally those with very valuable cars who get this cover as it includes pretty much anything.

Car insurance isn’t always completely comprehensive and prices can really vary from one car to the next. Any of the insurers out there, such as Aviva car insurance will be able to advise you about the rates and various other things you may worry about. It is definitely worth spending time shopping around for the best deal. If you have a modified car it can be particularly difficult to find suitable car insurance which is at a reasonable price. In general it costs more to get a modified car insured. This is because it’s likely to have a powerful engine, it will look souped up and it may have a great stereo or expensive alloy wheels. For many insurance companies the prospect of looking after a car like this is very unappealing.

If you do have a modified car it is perhaps worth bearing in mind a few things to help you get insured. Remember, you’re not allowed on the road without insurance so it is worth playing along with the insurers to be able to drive your beloved modified car. Be sensible about what you do to it, at the end of the day you may want to remember that the cheaper your car is, the cheaper the insurance will be. It may be a good idea to hold off on the over-the-top exteriors and interiors. The bigger your engine, again the more expensive the insurance will be. Finally make sure you tell your insurance provider exactly what you have done to your car. If your car is stolen or an accident occurs and you haven’t disclosed all the work, it is highly likely that your car will just not be covered.

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  1. I fully agree with you) I think the insurance sometimes the best way out

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