Golf Mk5 Tips / Hidden Features

Golf MK 5 Tips / Hidden Feature’s

The Golf Mk V is full of useful features. Most features are described in the owners manual but usually not explained to reveal the reason behind them. I strongly recommend you read it carefully to get the most out of your Mk V. However, here are some little bits of information I have noticed which are not mentioned in the manual. I have verified most in either my own or other peoples’ Mk 5 VW Golf’s

Convenience opening and closing of the car’s electric windows.

Convenience opening and closing of the car’s electric windows is where you can open or close all windows by holding down either the unlock or lock button on the remote. Whilst you need to continue to hold the unlock button in order to continue to open the windows, if closing the windows, you only need to hold down the lock button until the windows start to close. They will then continue to close fully by themselves.

Hold Unlock Button = Open Windows*

Hold Lock Button = Close Windows**

* You will need to hold the button until sequence is complete.

** you will only need to hold the button until the windows start to close you can then let go of the button and the closure will complete automaticaly.

Climatic Air Conditioning System Automatic Recirculation

When using the windscreen washers and and also whilst reversing, the Climatic air conditioning system automatically switches into recirculate mode to reduce strong odours entering the cabin. This feature is mentioned in the manual but here’s a little more information about it. The LED on the recirculate button does NOT illuminate but if you have the fan set to speed 2 or above you can hear it speed up. Recirculation continues for about 15 seconds after you finish using the windscreen washers.

Clean Tidy Window Wipers

If you turn off your ignition whilst the front windscreen wipers are mid way acroos the windowscreen, they will continue across the screen until parked.***

When the windscreen wipers are turned to the OFF position, the blades move about an inch further towards the bottom of the screen, beneath the bonnet line, out of view and out of the wind flow. Mk Vs with the Auto Wiper function do not need to check this it happens automatically, approximately 10 seconds after the last sweep of the windscreen.

*** This function does not apply to the rear window wiper. When restarting the car you may need to turn the rear wiper on to make it sit in the parked position.

If you would like to add anything to this list please contact using the form below, and we will add your tip or hidden feature.

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  1. More of an expectation on modern cars than hidden features, id recommend any other book apart from the owners handbook you boring sod lol

  2. can any body tell me, i have a damaged 2004 2.0 fsi gt golf MK5, it needs a front panel, i want to fit a replica gti front bumper, what front panel should i fit, AND WHAT IS THE BEST QUALITY AND FITTING REPLICA GTI FRONT BUMPER.

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