Myth Busters – Window Tinting And The Law ( UK Only )

Window Tinting & The Law.

Window tinting and the laws surrounding aftermarket window tints are ofter misunderstood in the UK modified car scene so its time to set a few things straight . . .

UK Window Tinting and the Law.

Current UK law (2008) states that rear side windows and the backwindow can be tinted to any darkness as required. Tinting of the windscreen must allow at least 75% light transmission. This is 70% in the case of the front side windows. At present this is not checked at the MOT but if stopped by the police you could be fined or as a cheaper alternative asked to remove the film on the roadside. It doesnt matter what option you choose you will still have to remove them so I personally would opt for the removal at the roadside and skip the FINE process.

You can download the full guide below. This has been produced by the UK Veichle and Operator Services Agency, commonly known as VOSA.

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*This guide has been produced in PDF format by overpaid idiots who in their spare time like to go train spotting. You will need to install another program on your machine known as Adobe Reader. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the incompetent staff at VOSA (UK).

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