Modified Live Oulton Park

Kicking off its tour of the UK, Modified Live descended on Oulton Park in Cheshire…and brought a few thousand horsepower along with them. Tuning enthusiasts in the area don’t have any large shows dedicated to them, often they have to travel down to the midlands to get their show kicks, which is where Modified Live comes in.With such an appetite for tuning in the region coupled to the orgy of performance metal that Modified Live brings with it, there’s no wonder it works so well and brings such huge numbers to the picturesque circuit, over 7000 in fact…

This year once again saw plenty of action on track with the first round on the Time Attack Series taking place in front of the sun-baked crowds. The series sees some of the quickest tuned cars from specialist companies in the UK compete to see which is quickest, as well as allowing individuals to enter their own cars into the mix. More than ever, Oulton Park saw an amazing diversity of entrants, from EVOs to Lotus Elises and from Cosworths to a VW Polo, all showing the extreme potential of well-tuned performance cars and the talents of their drivers. For those who like a little more tyre smoke, the European Drift Championship also kicked off their season at the event. The invitation-only series sees the top drifters in the UK compete against each other, door-to-door at break-neck speeds with clouds of smoke bellowing from their rear wheels. 2009’s champion, Mark Luney in the Cosworth-tuned Nissan 350Z proved once again why the crown is his, battling through to the final before beating Declan Hicks in his rare Toyota Cresta to the top spot on the podium. For the first time, this year also saw the inclusion of the Formula Ford race series into the Modified Live timetable, giving spectators the chance to watch the potential stars of the future in action.

Off of the track though Modified Live really comes into its own. With massive support from car clubs there were hundreds of fantastic modified and tuned vehicles parked up on the infield. While Subarus and EVOs make up a large number of those, 2010’s event saw the most eclectic mix of cars yet. Even in the car parks, new Porsches parked next to Astra VXRs and classic Fords, proving that this show is for those who just love the smell of petrol no matter what it’s put in.

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