Modified Car Show, Staffordshire – 25Oct 2009

As prevoisly mentioned at last weeks meet its the Wolstanton Modified Car Show this sunday organised by Mods & Rockers @ Wolstanton High School.

Time : 11.00 – 17.00
Date : 25 Oct 2009
Organiser : Mods & Rockers
Location : Wolstanton, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire

This event is backed by Necastle Under Lyme Council, Staffordshire Police & Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and shows a turning point in the attitude from all 3 parties to modified car owners in the local area.
As you may be aware the recent injunction in Stoke on Trent has caused issues across Stoke on Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme area. This is an ideal opportunity to show members of the public that we arent animals and that all we want to do is socialise and show our cars off.

Please come and join us its going to be a great day out for all !
Check out the forum thread for more info here:

Many Thanks

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