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Golf Mk5 Tips / Hidden Features

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published August 25th, 2010

Golf MK 5 Tips / Hidden Feature’s The Golf Mk V is full of useful features. Most features are described in the owners manual but usually not explained to reveal the reason behind them. I strongly recommend you read it carefully to get the most out of your Mk V. However, here are some little…

Myth Busters – Window Tinting And The Law ( UK Only )

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published August 24th, 2010

Window Tinting & The Law. Window tinting and the laws surrounding aftermarket window tints are ofter misunderstood in the UK modified car scene so its time to set a few things straight . . . UK Window Tinting and the Law. Current UK law (2008) states that rear side windows and the backwindow can be…

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