2010 Matech Ford GT1 Unveiling [Video]

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published February 11th, 2010

The new Ford GT has just been upgraded by the folks from Matech to be a real racer. Dubbed the 2010 Matech GT1, “the car is completely new. Not a single element, be it the engine, the transmission system, the suspension or aerodynamics are the same as those of the Ford GT1 from 2009. The…

Ford Fiesta Tuning Shows Off a Beast

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published February 3rd, 2010

Monster World Rally championship is all set to welcome a new beast for the coming season-Monster Ford Fiesta-and it sure is an able contender. Dubbed the Monster Ford Fiesta rally car, it is based on the race winning European Rallycross Fiesta which was prepared by Olsbergs Motorsports Evolution. The beast is powered by a turbocharged…

Facelifted 2011 Ford Mondeo Spied Winter Testing

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published January 25th, 2010

Around for more than 17 years, Ford Mondeo is the company’s top-rated family car and plans to be for the future, too, as spy photographers have managed to click a few images of the facelifted 2011 Mondeo during its cold weather testing along the European route E45. Inspired by the Kinetic Design Language, the new…

Ford to Upgrade Engines and Transmissions for 2010

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published January 14th, 2010

In a recent news announcement coming from Ford, we just heard that the company plans on coming out with 9 new engines and 6 new transmissions for 2010. Ford has shown great interest and is determined to upgrade all their engines, and although largely meant for the North American market, the new technology — to…

2011 Ford Mustang Breaks Cover at NAIAS

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published January 14th, 2010

At this year’s NAIAS in Detroit, Ford took the wraps off their new 5.0-liter V8-powered 2011 Ford Mustang GT. Known for its muscle, the 412hp output and the 390 ft-lb of torque (increased with 97hp and 65 ft-lb torqu from the 4.6 liter version), helps the Mustang GT go naught to 60mph in just under…

Will The Americans Embrace The Small Cars? What About You?

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published January 13th, 2010

For many years now, Americans have had the option to turn to small, fuel-efficient cars. Surprisingly every time the option came close, they hated what they got. You don’t even need to think far. How about the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo? Do any of you remmeber it? The shortage of fuel and fist fights at…

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