Terry’s VW Polo

Terry Tunstall has for many years been a regular on the vw show and shine scene scooping many trophies along the way with his immaculate MK4 VW Golf Anniversary. Terry keeps this in his heated garage when not at shows. For his daily driver terry purchased a brand new VW Polo.  The very day he picked the car up he dropped into The ICE House to upgrade the audio system. Terry wanted to show both his Golf and his new Polo so a simple but stylish install was designed.  The equipment we chose was from Rainbow. To head the system up terry wanted a full multi media system to include satellite navigation, DVD and blue tooth hands free. The Kenwood DNX7240bt double din unit was fitted into the standard location. From this the audio signal was boosted by an Audio Control Overdrive 9volt line driver. This allowed us to keep the distortion and background noise at a minimum and give a more powerful and dynamic sound. The audio was then fed into an Audio Control EQT 30 band digital EQ, allowing us to smooth out any peaks or dips in the sound and tailoring the sound for Terries taste in music.

Rainbow I-Paul amplifiers were chosen, a 2.400 was bridged to provide a Hertz HX300 12” subwoofer with 400 watts RMS while a 4.300 4 channel amplifier was bi wired to run a set of Rainbow SLC265.3 component speakers fitted into the standard door locations with the tweeters housed in custom “A” post builds to raise the sound stage above dashboard height.

A simple design for the boot was chosen with a custom fiberglass sub box, amplifiers flush mounted into the floor. The EQ and TV tuner are housed in a hidden rack behind the rear seats.

“I chose The ICE House to carry out the work on my VW Polo because as a Four Master I new they had the Knowledge and skills to deliver the high standard of audio and installation that I was looking for.”

Terry also changed the wheels to Schmidt 17” Th line and added blue motion front and rear splitters. Gti side skirts all painted by Staffordshire Car Colors.

Built byJonathan Lawton