Aston Martin Boat Concept Revealed

Aston Martin Voyage 55 Yacht Concept 1 Aston Martin Boat Concept Revealed

If there is one luxury vehicle that is associated with the iconic James Bond character it’s the Aston Martin. As for his off-road transportation Bond has made use of submarines, hovercrafts, Sunseeker speed boats and megayachts and according to Aston Martin owner and naval architect Luiz de Basto, it’s time to bridge the gap between road and sea. de Basto, who has several Magnum yacht designs to his credit, has created the Voyage, a 55-foot speed boat that puts Aston Martin quite literally on water.  The name follows the tradition of naming its vehicles with a ‘V’ reflected in the Vantage, Virage,Vanquish and Volante models.

However, the Voyage will go far beyond semantics with design elements that are similar to those of  the automaker’s famous GTs with a grille shape that has been interpreted into the windshield, the side vents into hull portals and the center console into a cabin access hatch. The stylish shape, rich green colouring and crafted golden Aston Martin logo all exude the very best of Aston Martin exclusivity and sophistication.

Luiz de Basto has stated that “the goal was not only to propose an interesting interpretation of the famous car lines in the water but design a fully functional boat, able to be built anytime upon request.” The boat will also make use of new innovative and renewable materials that do not interfere with tradition in any way.

astonmartinvoyage Aston Martin Boat Concept Revealed




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