Audi R8-based RAZOR GTR-10: Only 10 Units to be Made

PPI Automotive Design GmbH, who is the exclusive tuner for Audi, has announced that only 10 units of their Audi R8 based RAZOR GTR-10 with the V10 engine will be made.  Sources say the front hood, front bumper and rear diffuser will be the same as the previous RAZOR GTR.

Everything else – including front fenders, front spoiler, sideskirts, rear fender/sideblade, rear spoiler, rear engine lid and rear bumper – are different.

The V10 engine has been redesigned by PPI, and the car has a roof mounted ram air-intake system with sport filter, vented liftgate glass, high-performance exhaust system and reprogrammed ignition map.  All of these combine to provide the vehicle 601 bhp (448 kW / 609 PS) at 7,400 rpm and maximum torque of 565 Nm at 6,400 rpm.

The vehicle sports a wind tunnel tested carbon fiber wide body kit reduces lift and adds cooling to the engine oil coolers and brake system. This, in addition to the carbon fiber roof pillars and doors ensure that there is a weight saving of is 250 kg / 551 lbs (serial curb weight V10 R-tronic: 1,625 kg / 3582 lbs).

Brakes are 6-piston calipers- 380 x 36 millimeter discs in front and 356 x 32 mm discs at the rear. Audi’s Carbon Ceramic Brake System with PPI-specified higher friction brake pads are also available. Sources say each RAZOR GTR-10 comes with an aluminum plaque framed in carbon fiber exhibiting its production number.

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