Audi RS 3 Sportback New Pictures Emerge

Latest details of the new RS 3 Sportback have been emerging. Audi AG has also released the second set of photos of the vehicle, which show that the company is looking to hook the consumers with this one.

The images have a lot of detail and are a pleasure to look at – some are rain shots, which show how effectively the rear diffuser of the car ensures good visibility during the rain; there are also some line drawings that reveal the specifications of the vehicle, which have not yet been released in high resolution.

Much to the disappointment of fans, the RS 3 Sportback has not yet been included in Audi’s cars that can be built virtually through their website. The released pictures, however, are a small consolation.

They reveal that the vehicle also has a new Black Optics package (black grille, tailpipes and trim), with mirrors that match the body color of the car as well as to the Audi rotor wheels.

The Audi website says that several Optics packages are available for the RS 3 – the Black Optics and Aluminium Matte styling packages from Audi Exclusive can help the customer to enhance the dynamic look of the RS 3.

Of these, if one opts for the Black Optics styling package, one gets a sportier, exclusive appearance – front grille, grille frame, front license plate holder and the tailpipes of the exhaust system are polished gleaming black.

The second package gives a different look – Matte Aluminum styling has matte aluminum finish on the front spoiler, the mounts of the front lower air intakes, and trim on the door handles, lateral fins, under the roof spoiler and on top of the rear diffuser.

(Via Fortitude)

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