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There’s a new online competition to celebrate the launch of the Auris X, with prizes including R15 000 cash and a PS3. But even if you aren’t out to win the competition is still worth checking out – it’s a challenging and entertaining game that will test your mental agility as you embark on a journey which will see you hunt for Xs all over the internet.

It works like this:

The game is based here, where you will find a map of South Africa. There are Xs all over the internet. You need to find them and then place them on the map you will find on the site, in order to mark your turf and eventually find a hidden Auris X Showroom. For now, you need to do is register and start hunting for those Xs. In case you need some help there are bunch of clues from Buddy the Boxer and his friend Chi Chi the Chihuahua to help you on your way.

The hunt will take you all over the net and even back in time, you will have to answer questions, find clues and play games within the game. Some Xs are easy to find, others will really test your mental strength. The more Xs you use to mark your turf the better your chance at winning prizes worth R30 000 smackeroos!

The prizes are:

1st Prize: R15 000 Cash

2nd Prize PS3 120GB Console

3rd Prize: PSP Black

4th Prize: Apple iPod nano 8GB – Black

5th Prize: Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB

Enjoy the ride, it’ll Xhilarate you! Happy hunting. You never know, there may even be an X hidden somewhere on this page!

But what about the new Auris X?

The Auris X is the next generation Auris, offering a sleeker and more sophisticated driving experience than its predecessors, and it’s also more fuel efficient. The idea is to deliver superb economy with minimal environmental impact, and with 74kW and 132Nm it delivers class-leading performance, along with a whole bunch of extra attention to quality and safety. For more on the Auris X including full specs, go here.

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  1. Mitsubishi have got a good competition on at the moment check it out

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