Breaking: Alfa Romeo 147 Successor launched


Those Italians. They like to make a scene out of nothing at all. Take the successor to the Alfa Romeo 147. They could’ve called it the 147. Then Alfa wanted to call it the 148. They then changed it to the Milano – sounds good, but not if you are a worker for Alfa from the city of Milan – then you’d be outraged by the name.

You see Milan isn’t the home of Alfa anymore, but is now located in Turin. This means that the Milanese workers are up in arms over the name and Alfa is considering a change to Giulietta. Makes sense? No.

Anyway, naming issues aside it looks pretty good and the bigwigs at Alfa reckon we could be looking at the best selling Alfa to date! In it’s sights is the Golf and the fact that it will only be offered in five door form confirms that Luigi has Fritz in its sights.

Engines on offer will include turbo fours in diesel and petrol guise and there is rumored to be a 170ish kw “Cloverleaf” model on the cards for later next year.

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