G-Power’s BMW X5 M is Bigger Now

G-Power had last year introduced their BMW X5 M, with 600 hp and a small Typhoon body kit. Now it’s become clear that the BMW tuner was hard at work on a larger wide body kit.  The new offering has up to 15% more cooling, thanks to the optimized airflow and an increase in power output by 170 PS (125 kW) over the standard X5 M with 555 PS (408 kW) taking it to a total of 725 PS (533 kW).

Torque has been increased up to 890 Nm (series: 680 Nm / 500 lb·ft) at 1,500 rpm and top speed is more than 300 km/h (186 mph), with 0-100 km/h being achieved in 4.2 seconds.

Aided by the increase in airflow, G-Power has remapped the ECU and a set of sport catalytic converters and G-Power exhaust manifolds have been added to the first design, which reduces exhaust backpressure.

Also, the tuner has added new connection pipes between the turbochargers and the cylinder heads, which minimizes pressure and also thermodynamic losses. The torque is electronically limited, however, the BMW X5 M transmission was reinforced in the new design to handle up to 1000 Nm.

The price package for the new widebody Typhoon aerodynamics starts at € 12,185. (plus installation in Autenzell) and the power boost to 725 PS is available for €18,000.

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