GM C7 Corvette To Come Fitted With Small Block V8 Engines

General Motors is said to be lining up the C7 Corvette with a small block V-8. The C7 Corvette is expected to be among the first line of GM cars to come fitted with a V-8. If you guys are wondering as to what is unique about the small block V8, read on.

GM’s small-block V-8s will sport aluminum blocks and heads, direct-injection, and a new combustion system. Further, in a bid to ensure compact dimensions and lower manufacturing costs, GM has maintained a traditional overhead-valve layout for the small block V8.

With General Motors pumping in close to $890 million into this project, it seems like the downsized engine initiative is taken very seriously by the car maker. We hear that the prototypes of he small block V8 engines are now being tested at Detroit, so as to be fitted into the C7 Corvettes ahead of a final test and roll out. The C7 engines are expected to be capable enough to displace 5.5 liters, with a target output of about 440 horsepower. It looks like we are in for good times on the road.

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