Lamborghini Jota Prototypes Spotted

Two Lamborghini’s Jota prototypes were spied at the Nurburgring circuit. One of them sported a rear spoiler – which is likely to be the Superlegga variant; the other prototype was without a spoiler.

Reports say that the prototypes were put into trucks and carted back to Italy, even though this week was set aside for testing. This has given rise to speculation that there may be more work remaining to be completed on the models. But the fact that the prototypes appear to have gone through both the hot weather as well as winter testing phases, seems to indicate that it will make an appearance without too much delay.

Set to replace the Murcielago, the Jota sits a little lower than its predecessor, and weighs a bit less too. This lighter quality has been achieved due to the aluminum space frame that the Jota has and the carbon fiber body components.

A direct-injection V12 of around 700 horsepower hooked up to a Haldex all-wheel drive system powers the Jota. Reports say that design influences have come from the Estoque and Reventon.

Lamborghini Jota1
Lamborghini Jota3
Lamborghini Jota5

(Via WCF)

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