Lamborghini LB715-5 & 83X May Appear in Paris

The Paris Motor Show may have two new models from Lamborghini gracing the occasion. The news is based on a schedule that is said to have been obtained from Lamborghini, which gives details of a series of meetings that are set to take place with US dealers.

Reportedly, two models will be unveiled – the Lamborghini LB715-5 and the Lamborghini 83X.  The LB715-5 is supposedly a Murcielago replacement that is using a V12 engine and delivers between 715 and 825 horsepower (533 to 615 kW).  Some sources say it uses Austrian firm Carbo Tech’s carbon-fiber tub.

As for the other model, there are rumors that the 83X will take over for the Gallardo; others say it could be a competing with the Ferrari 599 GTB.

It is understood that at the Paris Show, the company will be trying to focus attention on the 83X – which has one hour allotted to it, according to the leaked schedule; as compared to just 25 minutes for the LB715-5.

More details are expected to come out after a possible Lamborghini dealer meeting that is set to take place on the 23rd of September.

Regardless of whether this materializes, there will be concrete details for sure on September 30th, when the Paris Motor Show begins.

(Via WCF)

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