McLaren Mulls Over Rolling Out Five New Cars in Five Years

British automaker McLaren has announced their plans to come out with one new model every year for the coming five years (this could also be a new version of an existing model). The company is aiming at a total production volume of 4,500 units.

McLaren has had a prototype vehicle built in 2009, the MP4-12C – which sources say is part of the company’s plans to take the racing company into the street car business. This move is regarded to be the outcome of six years of planning.

McLaren built a name for itself in the racing world, where the company has one of the strongest reputations in the world.

Sources at the company stressed on the fact that in all of the new forays the company is making, they would continue to operate on their two key philosophies – that held true for the brand as well as the car – namely ‘substance over flash,’ and ‘lower volume, higher standards.’

The sources said that the company’s current plan is to sell 1,000 units of the MP4-12C in its first year of production – a target that seems easily attainable.

Even before the dealer network was announced weeks ago and the high-profile unveiling in front of one of the world’s wealthiest crowds at Pebble Beach took place, McLaren already had in its kitty 2,700 interested buyers.

Even if just a third of these actually bought the vehicle, it would mean that McLaren’s sales target would be met.

(Via AutoGuide)

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