New Mini Mite Anticipated At Geneva Motor Show

Mini is all set to come out with a new entry level model, and the concept stage could be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. Called the Mini Minor or the ‘Mini Mini’, the first stage of the prototype assembling is reportedly on at the moment in Munich at a BMW site.

This small Mini has come about as part of BMW’s “i” mobility initiative, from which the high-tech, carbon-fiber-intensive Mega City Vehicle also came from. The Mini will be the car that has new small-capacity gasoline engine, and the Mega City Vehicle is primarily a plug-in electric vehicle. The Mini is expected to be based on a modified version of an existing front-engine/front-wheel-drive platform, but with a shorter wheelbase.

Early expectation is that, like the Smart ForTwo, the new Mini will also have a two- seat interior. Another possibility is a three-seat configuration like that of the Toyota iQ. The company is attempting to link good design with profitability with this model.

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