‘Nightmare’ on the South African Streets for Drivers on Dec 4

For those behind the wheel, road blocks are the worst nightmares on the road. Police play solving traffic puzzles, while we bang on the guy in front taking nap with a bumpy four-wheeler.  But according to Cape News, South African government departments are gearing up for a checking spree on December 4 to stage better road puzzles.

To mop up the dirty lot who skip the ID, papers, tax or anything legal and drive a vehicle, nine departments including the police, tax, customs, home and SARS (South African Revenue Service) will conduct thorough checks, making super road blocks as per the report.

The moral of the story would be ‘Keep Off South African city roads – on December 4th’, not because you don’t have papers, but because you may be killing a lot of time on the roads.

This improved version of service will surely lock down a majority of the society off the roads on December 4th and the remaining on the roads. The tribe who can’t live a day without touching the roads with their wheels, will get the real taste on Dec 4, it seems.

The charges can pop from anywhere. Say, you got through the SARS showing that you have got tax papers, officials from other 8 departments will be queuing behind. No more better time pass.

Once you get out of these levels (if you are lucky enough), the ultimate task will be to waggle through the labyrinths of state sponsored traffic jam.

Well, the blocks are meant to nab the tax evaders, fugitives, or anybody who have “something to hide from the home department” (That’s a dangerous clause, baby, better go in birth suits).

That’s the job of the cops. Happy they are doing it. And, since it is announced well in advance, let’s hope they will get some with rogues with so poor memory.

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