Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution Concept

Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution Concept

Need more space while in town but a scooter is not stable enough, how about a three wheeler with a Peugeot moniker on the front? Exhibited at the 67th Milan International Cycle and Motorbike Show, the new Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution Concept features an naturally aspired engine that outputs 41 hp and a set of two electric motors attached to the front wheels that generate an additional 2×3 kW from lithium-ion batteries. To make things complete, the Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution also packs a brake energy recovery system, a front suspension where wheels incline and a lower center of gravity if compared with similar models. Featuring LED lights, front mud guards and rear lights with a hi-tech finish, the new Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution is expected to bring an average fuel consumption of 2.0 litres per 100km (~ 141.2 mpg) and 48 g/km CO2 emission — which is “kinda green”.

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