Renault Twizy ZE Concept Confirmed for Production in Spain

Ultra small electric vehicles are the future for the green minded and those who’d like to slash their monthly gas bill and their carbon footprin. Renault realizes it, hence why the French have announced the production of the Frankfurt-introduced electric vehicle, the new Twizy Z.E. (Zero Emission) Concept in Spain. It will be the Renault Valladolid plant located 150 km North West of Madrid where the small electric vehicles will be produced.

Renault Twizy Zero Emission ZE concept

Renault is committed to bringing smaller non-polluting commuters to the market (especially Western Europe) by 2011 and the Twizy will be the first product courtesy of the long term future plan. What is special about the Twizy is its Pearlescent white body coating and luminous matrix displays which can function as head- or tail- lights. You can also use these lights to create faces that communicate the driver’s emotions.

Power comes from a 20 hp electric motor which renders 70Nm of Torque. The motor is connected to a lithium-ion battery pack and this combination gives the commuter a 100 Km range.

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