Stand Craft 122 Superyacht Concept That Comes with a Supercar

So you have a supercar but would like to go sailing the sea, except for the fact that there’s no room for the car on board? Guess again, we have the solution. The good folks from Stand Craft have released their new Strand Craft 122 superyacht concept, a 38m long boat that features a built-in supercar garage that allows you to cruise both the sea and land in style. Or call it “high performance and smooth transportation transference”.

I’m not going to talk much about the yacht’s interior although as you can see it’s outstanding, but its technical sheet is quite impressive. The motor yacht is powered by twin MTU 16V4000 engines that help it cruise at 45knots, or you can add the optional Rolls-Royce KaMeWa boosters for a total 14,000hp that helps it achieve 55 knots.

And now that I’ve mentioned the supercar “thing”, it’s probably the most interesting. Apparently the Strand Craft 122 is going to be delivered together with a sleek four wheeler powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine, that reaches a top speed of 345km/h, a four wheeler that will be housed in the built-in garage we previously mentioned.


No word if the Strand Craft 122 will see the light of day, when or for how much, but we can tell you for sure that this looks sick. We’re game!


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