Vauxhall Ampera teams up with supermodel Erin O’Connor for London showcase

Vauxhall Ampera, called the Chevrolet Volt outside Europe, has lined up for release in London. Endorsed by supermodel Erin O’Connor, the showcasing of the car in the UK capital comes as part of the Vauxhall Ampera’s promotional campaign.

To be officially released in 2012, the Vauxhall Ampera arrived in London for the promotional event after a tour across UK. Supermodel Erin O’Connor provided the perfect star value to the event as she appeared donning an exclusive outfit dubbed ‘Eric Electric’.

The dress, designed by British fashion icon William Tempest, featured more than 1,000 dazzling lights and Swarovski crystals. Apart from standing by the new Vauxhall Ampera, she also went ahead and made public her thoughts on championing the green cause that the Vauxhall Ampera aims to promote. Calling the Vauxhall Ampera a leap in the right direction, she said she is a “real supporter when it comes to helping the environment.”

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