VW Launches The Brand New Beetle Today – Watch It Live

If you’ve been behind the wheel of an original beetle, you’ll know that they are possibly some of the worst cars you could ever drive. Even so, the car became an icon and after a frankly lame attempt at reviving the model in the 90s, VW have hit back with a huge launch for the 21st Century Bug. We’ve got all the details.

They’ve fired the accountant for this one: VW are launching the car simultaneously on three continents, in Shanghai, Berlin and New York.

They’ve also partnered with MTV who have set up an awesome live site where you can follow all of the action: Worldstage.MTV.tv.

The launch is also trending on Twitter, follow #VWBeetle for the latest information, and to read other people cursing/praising the Beetle, which can be quite good comedy.

We’ve had a good look around the interwebs for photos, and some sites are carrying what they claim to be authentic spy photos, but I think the car looks more like a test mule than a finished product. Have a google at let us know in the comments what you think.

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