Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type F Concept to Be Out at SEMA 2010

Wraptivo has announced their first in-house SEMA car which will be coming as a 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid concept, which is being called ‘Type-F’. (F for ‘fun’). The company plans to have the concept car out at SEMA 2010.

The model has a wider stance and the side crease creating a rake; with interiors that are nice and roomy, futuristic dash. Wraptivo adds to the styling with having the car in flat matte black with accents that are glossy to break up the monotony of black.

The roof, hood and a portion of the center of the bumper will be wrapped in di-noc Carbon Fiber film, which will enhance the texture on the gloss and matte combination of Wraptivo’s vinyl films. The design department has been headed by tuner car stylist RJ De Vera.

In time, there are reportedly plans to include a full aero kit, wheels, race seats, supercharger system, big brakes, suspension and other go-fast goodies to the car.

The car will continue to interact with auto enthusiasts after the SEMA 2010 event – by hitting the track at the Source Interlink ‘Super Lap Battle’ which happens a week after SEMA.

Wraptivo CR-Z Type F 2
Wraptivo CR-Z Type F
Wraptivo CR-Z Type F 1

The basic concept with this car is that the element of fun that is the main element of the CR-Z DNA is retained. To enable this, a sports aesthetic is retained without compromising on the Honda look.

The Wraptivo vehicle wrap options that are being put on the car will demonstrate how the new technology can be used to protect a vehicle from losing the factory paint job and also give users an easy option for changing the look of their car.

(Via Jonsibal)

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