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Modified Car Meet 9th June 2010

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published June 9th, 2010

This evening’s modified car club meet held in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire was a resounding success and could prove to be the turning point for the future of our club. All members of staff at The UK Modified Network – Modified Car Club turned out as usual, a few regulars and our newest member Steve…

Opie Oils – Free Postage Offer

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published April 27th, 2010

To celebrate their first TV advertising campaign (on Motors TV from 1st May) Opie Oils are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £30 for a week.To make things easier for everyone, there will be NO VOUCHER CODE needed to take advantage of this great offer, all you need to do is order £30 or…

Fast Show 2010 Show Report

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published March 23rd, 2010

The fast show 2010 didnt get off to a great start this year with a bit of rain on the saturday morning, and sadly the dragstrip was closed for part of the day. To liven the atmosphere up a little the event organisers opened up the famous handling track for a few hours where some…

Modified Car Shows March 2010

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published February 27th, 2010

As the 2010 show season gets underway its looking like a busy year each month in 2010 we aim to bring you a full round up of most events, cruises and shows from around the country.

Lets take a look at what march has to offer the modified car community

Upcoming Modified Car Events

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published February 11th, 2010

Its the start of the show season and time to get those polishing cloths back out on your modified motor.Theres loads going on events, shows and cruises heres a taster of what we will be attending over the next few weeks

Jap Show 2010 – Santa Pod – Modified Car Show

By IT Support Staffordshire | Published February 8th, 2010

The Jap Show drags cars from the city streets and winding mountain roads of Tokyo to the drag strip of Santa Pod, the cult of the Japanese car has taken over the UK tuning scene, and the JapShow is the beating heart of this culture, with Europe’s best competing in the HKS Drag Series, Run What Ya Brung open to everyone else, Drifting, Car Club Displays, traders and much more.

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